Kick the Clutter with Mudroom Storage Furniture

Whether you have a property that you’re planning on living in for awhile, you’re in a property that you’re looking to flip, or you are looking at setting up a rental, there’s nothing that is as distracting as clutter. Oftentimes, the front foyer of a house is well-considered, with statement pieces and organization well in hand. What often falls by the wayside, however, is the garage door entrance. This is a big oversight though, considering this entrance is usually the one that gets the most traffic on a day-to-day basis, and is certainly one that will be checked out by potential renters or buyers alike. Enter the ideal mudroom storage furniture. Investing a little into the proper storage solution for your mudroom will not only make your day-to-day life easier, but it will leave a better impression overall for visitors to your home – key for homeowners, tenants and potential investors alike.

A small investment can lead to huge returns

When it comes to the mudroom, a small investment can lead to huge returns, but many people overlook this part of their house. Why? There are a number of reasons. Most often, people don’t really think about this transitional part of their home (from garage to living area). Some people don’t even believe they have a mudroom or space for a mudroom. Other times, this section of a home becomes a Bermuda Triangle of forgotten things – a messy, overlooked corner where things are often placed after a long day, or where things go if they don’t really have a home anywhere else in your home. Others don’t want to bother investing in a mudroom space if they plan to sell or rent out the home in future, instead focusing on other aspects of the house such as the kitchen, washrooms, bedrooms or basement – the big ticket items they feel others will be looking at most.

When it comes to the mudroom, however, people really need to consider the cost of finding a solution versus the cost of selling or renting out the house. Oftentimes, it takes a minimal investment (less than $500 in most cases) to make a huge difference in the functionality and appearance of this space. And when selling a home in particular, reduction of any sort of clutter makes a huge difference in price point or even offers.

If you’re living in your home, you also have to consider the cost of this solution versus the price you would pay for peace of mind. If you’re anything like my husband, for example, any sort of clutter or disorganization will drive you crazy! $500 is a small investment in comparison to everything being in its place and having a place for everything. Though investing in your mudroom may strike some as a large upfront cost, it saves you time as you run around in the morning or before appointments and activities trying to find your things.

Mudroom storage solutions come in all shapes and sizes

What people often don’t realize as well is that there are actually specially designed mudroom storage solutions that come in pre-built pieces. When I first began considering a curated mudroom section for my home, I not only felt I didn’t have the space, but I also didn’t know where to start. There are plenty of ideas of beautifully-curated mudroom spaces on Instagram and Pinterest, but these seemed to come at a huge cost and required a knack for design and esthetics that I just didn’t have.

Mudroom storage solutions such as those offered by EasyGarage take the guesswork and stress out of mudroom storage solutions, and come in all different types depending on how much room you have and what you most need the space for.

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Some of the possible solutions are as follows:


Transitional furniture is, in my opinion, the most versatile of the bunch, with a combination of counter space, slatwall and storage cases to meet all your storage needs. This provides enough versatility to store shoes, bags, hats or water bottles, hang jackets or umbrellas, or tuck away smaller items such as the dog leash so they are easily accessible for you as you go in and out of your home. The counter space also provides a versatile surface should you need a place to rest transient items before storing them away.

“Need It Now”

“Need It Now” storage furniture most closely resembles regular open or closed storage cases, similar to bookshelves, that allow people to quickly and easily store/access household items such as pet food, cleaning supplies, beverages or recyclables. Shelving is generally large enough to store recycle bins or large bags of pet food out of the way, and “Need It Now” cases have the option of doors to hide the mess (which I’d recommend, unless you can stay organized to rock the organized open shelving look without it turning into a messy clutter).

Tall and Thins

Tall and Thin storage space is not referring to the type of storage unit, but to the type of items that need to be stored. This type of storage solution combines slatwall to hang tall or thin items out of the way with tinier cabinets to store away smaller items. This type of elevated storage is an excellent option to keep yard tools, maintenance supplies and sports equipment out of the way and off the floor (think baseball bats and hockey sticks), without leaving you squeezed for space next to parked cars. Great for the active family.

Large Items

Large Items storage is similar to “Need It Now” storage cases in that they look like regular storage/bookcases, and come with or without doors to cover up the clutter. The one difference is that this solution focuses on storage for bulkier or seldom-used items such as coolers, camping gear or holiday decor.

Frequently Used

Frequently Used storage solutions employ slatwall to keep items on display and easily accessible if they are regularly used. This is a great storage solution for items used on a regular basis like sports equipment, bikes, yard tools or car supplies. These items remain on display and within easy reach for quick retrieval and return. The slatwall feature allows items of all types to be hung up out of the way, whether they are tall and thin or not.


Workspace storage solutions are great for people who need a bit of extra space for their hobbies, whether that’s gardening, crafting, woodworking or automotive repairs. This storage space comes with large countertops accompanied by tall cabinets/shelving units and drawers for a versatile storage solution.

As you begin building your mudroom storage solution, it’s important to consider the following factors:

  • What are your space constraints?
  • What do you intend to use the storage solution for?
  • How often do you frequent the mudroom area and, if so, at what times of the day are you accessing it?
  • What do you usually do when you are passing through this space?
  • What kind of clutter do you find most in this space?
  • What items do you find you are looking for most as you are using this entrance/exit?

The case for transitional storage solutions

If you’re still not sure where to start with your mudroom storage solution but know you need something there, I’d recommend starting with transitional storage. Transitional storage is available in all sorts of sizes, from 60” if you’re tight on space to even larger solutions. Transitional storage is also the most versatile and innocuous, consisting of a small counter space, slatwall and cupboard space too. You can also find transitional storage solutions at a very affordable cost. I’d recommend the 60” wide 3-piece + slatwall garage package, which comes with a decent-sized counter space while still offering ample room for hanging and tucking away items. EasyGarage offers this solution at $460 regularly, but they often have sales on. The neat thing about EasyGarage packages is that you have the option of customizing your unit to it suits your taste and space, from everything to countertop colours to slatwall and material looks and feels. Or, if you don’t want to wait for a sale, you can still get a good deal by using this link. You will get 5% off any purchase at EasyGarage and can avail of free shipping by using the code GARAGE5

What if I need more?

Screenshot of EasyGarage Button to Customize Package Selection

If you find you need a bit more or a bit less than the transitional unit, there are a number of other units available that can meet your needs, fitting all the categories mentioned above. There is also the option to customize your unit however you see fit, if you find a unit that is closest to what you want but you still want to tweak it just a bit. This can be found by clicking on the “Edit Package” button on any of item that you wish to customize. This will give you the option to not only edit colours and materials, but even the exact specs/sizes of pieces so the solution fits your space perfectly. You can add extra storage cabinets, more slatwall, or whatever else you need, even if it’s not one of the premade options laid out for you.The GARAGE5 promo code will work even on customized solutions, so feel free to click through this link and use the promo code GARAGE5 for 5% off and free shipping. If you’re willing on investing the money and energy to tidying up your transitional space, it’s worth it to make sure that it works just right for you.

Make it yours

After you’ve invested in and installed your mudroom storage solution, don’t forget to make it yours. For so many years I fell prey to the minimalistic ideal that less is more. I never wanted anything in my space unless it was functional. This is not a bad idea, but just because it’s functional, it doesn’t mean it can’t be aesthetically pleasing too.

Customize your solution. Decorate if need be. Don’t forget the personal touches that will make this space feel comfortable and homey for you. You will be frequenting this section of your house often. Is there a quote that speaks to you that you can place somewhere eye-catching to help remind you of it on your way in or out the door? A couple of dollars spent can make a huge difference in taking your storage space to a staged space. This is especially important if you are planning on listing a property for sale or rent. You want people to see, not only what can be done with the space, but how appealing it can be should they choose to live there.

Pinterest offers a wealth of ideas, from changing the colour of your storage solution to make it a statement piece, to adding an accent light to make the space a little more inviting, or adding simple photos to draw the eye away from the clutter.

Do you have a mudroom in your place or are you thinking of installing one? If you have one already, what have you done to make the space work for you? If you haven’t yet, what are the biggest hurdles for you to making the room? Drop me a line in the comments to let me know. I’d love to hear from you!

10 thoughts on “Kick the Clutter with Mudroom Storage Furniture”

  1. This is article is great! I always wanted to set up a mudroom for my place but never got properly informed. This is wonderful and I can show this to my spouse to convince them too! I’m thinking about just setting up a small one. Specifically for those items that I would like to hide away. Thanks again

    1. Thanks, Sandy! The nice thing about mudroom storage is that you can start small and expand/elaborate as needed; whatever works to help you get organized 🙂

  2. You’ve got lots of good ideas here. I must confess that my favorite for a mudroom is a plastic bin that can be moved around, as I’ve got varying amounts of stuff there. Also, it’s where we feed one of our dogs, so little things can’t fall on the floor if she shouldn’t eat them!

    1. Thanks, Rosana! The thing I like best about mudroom storage is that it can be as elaborate or as simple as you’d like it to be – as long as it’s functional 🙂

  3. It is good to know that organizing a mudroom, or even creating one, will help the value of the house. Thank you for sharing such an informative article.
    Also, with all your recommendations in terms of designs and what`s available there, I find your article very helpful.
    The thing is, we usually pass through the back of our house going straight to the kitchen area, that`s where our traffic goes. We only pass in the front entrance on special occasions (for visitors usually). So, where do you suggest the best option for a mudroom?
    All the best!

    1. Hi Hanna,
      The fact that the back of your house sees the most traffic is perfect for a mudroom.
      Mudrooms make the most sense in these back/side entrance ways, such as through a back door or the garage.
      The front foyer is often much more formal, making it much harder to adapt a mudroom to this area.
      The proximity of your kitchen to this entryway lends your space particularly well to transitional solutions such as this. Such solutions allow you a quick place to set down your groceries/bags on the way into your house, while also serving as additional pantry/storage space for your kitchen if need be.

  4. Interesting read and surprisingly to know that one can have/built a mudroom for such a low price!

    Although, house structures (styles) varies form country to country.
    Here in Korea, we don’t have the so called mudroom, but we do have something that function as a mudroom. Like, when you enter any house, at the entryway, there’s (usually) a floor to ceiling cabinet. Where you store stuff, shoes mostly.

    A “foreign mudroom” will be a nice idea.

    1. Hi Mina, Thank you so much for your feedback. I absolutely love the new perspective. I never considered how mudrooms would evolve in different countries. The “foreign mudroom” idea is a great concept to consider 🙂

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