Preconstruction Spotlight: St. Clair Village Condos

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St. Clair Village Condos is a new condo development currently in the pre-construction phase at 900 Saint Clair Avenue West in Toronto. Occupancy is tentatively scheduled for October 2021.

About St. Clair Village Condos

St. Clair Village Condos - Rendering of Outdoor Patio
Rendering of St. Clair Village Condos outdoor patio – more than 2,000 square feet of beautiful outdoor space with a view of downtown Toronto

The St. Clair Village Condo development is projected to be

12-storeys tall with 122 suites starting from the high $400Ks. Suites range from 450 square feet to 1,301 square feet – anywhere from one to three bedrooms.

The development exudes a modern/contemporary feels, with all suites finished with wide-plank luxury vinyl flooring, contemporary vanities in the bathrooms, and designer kitchen cabinetry with contemporary doors. Three-bedroom suites come with full-size appliances while all other suites come with built-in appliances.

Parking space and locker units are available for purchase with every two- and three-bedroom suites, with two levels of underground parking available.

Amenities include a fitness room, lounge, party room with outdoor terrace and a rooftop terrace.

St. Clair Village Condos - Rendering of Wine Lounge
A rendering of St. Clair Village Condos wine lounge – one of the amenities offered by this development

St. Clair Village Condos Financials

St. Clair Village Condo suites are priced starting at $479K with maintenance fees estimated at 61 cents per square foot a month. Parking is estimated at $60K per spot.

The deposit structure is as follows:

  • $5K on signing
  • Balance to 5 per cent in 10 days
  • 5 per cent in 90 days (3 months)
  • 5 per cent in 270 days (9 months)
  • 5 per cent in 540 days (2 years)

The St. Clair Village Condos Neighbourhood: St. Clair Village

Named after the neighbourhood it comes from, the St. Clair Village Condos are situated in a revived section of downtown Toronto. The warm St. Clair Village community is close to a number of transit options – both streetcar and subway – and is in close proximity to some of the most expensive neighbourhoods in Toronto. St. Clair Ave W boasts a rapid rail transit system and dedicated streetcar running from east to west. St. Clair Subway Station is also nearby, which enables fast travel to nearly anywhere in Toronto.

Some of the city’s best restaurants are walking distance while the city’s downtown core is only a short bike ride away. St. Clair Village is home to a number of different cuisines, from the casual to the fine dining. The thoroughfare is sure to set your taste buds ablaze. In fact, some of the city’s top restauranteurs move to St. Clair to demonstrate their culinary talents. The restaurants and eateries reflect the neighbourhood’s diversity and sense of originality. Heritage and artisanal flair is alive everywhere you stop along the street, with a great deal of thought and consideration given to every manner of culinary craft. Here, you’ll find French, Portuguese, Greek, and more. Heavenly bakeries, ice cream parlours, and coffee houses abound for a quick treat.

While you can burn off all those delicious calories simply by enjoying the walk around St. Clair Village on foot, the area is also home to a number of independent boutique fitness studios, from spin to yoga.

Nothing is cookie cutter in St. Clair Village, and that includes the shopping as well. Expect the unexpected with pleasant shopping surprises on display throughout the village. Handmade designer home decor pieces are set alongside vivacious floral arrangements, authentic mid-century furniture, bookstores, evening and wedding gown boutiques, and hair, nail and wax studios. If you’re looking for the bigger box stores, one-stop shopping is available a short distance away at the Stock Yards Village shopping mall, home to banks and more than 50 convenient stores for home, pets, sports, fashion, fitness, and food.

St. Clair Village boasts a vibrant arts and culture scene, with Wychwood barns just a short walk east from the condo. The Barns is a designated heritage structure and community cultural hub. A family-friendly place, the Barns is famed for its year-round Farmers’ Market every Saturday featuring local, sustainable, organic and artisanal products. It’s also a great meeting place and is home to 26 artist live/work studios and 15 artist work studios. If being a part of a vibrant, culturally-rich, artistic community is important to you, this is the place to be.

St. Clair Ave W is also home to a number of fine art galleries, including the Black Cat Showroom, Galleria 814, and the Artusiasm Art Gallery, which showcases new artwork every two weeks and hosts exhibitors and artist events throughout the year.

St. Clair sees no end of lively events either. Salsa on St. Clair, for example, is a weekend event occurring annually in early July, all the way to the summer with free on-site dance lessons from the city’s leading dance studios. On a regular evening or weekend, you can easily find cocktails, entertainment, and dining experiences nearby, whether you are feeling for a centuries-old vibe in nearby heritage buildings or a contemporary, lavish new feel.  

Artisans, craftspeople, and multi-generational family businesses line the streets. The area is filled with people who trade on a first-name basis, and this small-town charm in the big city permeates the neighbourhood.

If your focus is with your kids, all levels of schooling are within easy reach to St. Clair Village, from local daycares to public and private schools, all the way to universities and colleges. Every campus is located within easy transit distance. For University of Toronto students, it’s a short cycle away, while George Brown College is a short walk away.


Why invest in St. Clair Village Condos?

As my write-up above suggests, one of the biggest draws of the St. Clair Village Condo development is its location. With its accessible transit options, close proximity to some of the most expensive downtown Toronto neighbourhoods, and its small-town vibe, St. Clair Village is an up-and-coming neighbourhood that will appeal to those who want the city life without the coldness and anonymity that may sometimes come with it.

This development is particularly good for families, particularly if many in the family need to be downtown on a regular basis, whether for school, work or activities. Condo developments in downtown Toronto don’t often bost units as large as the three-bedroom, 1,300 square foot condos being offered by this development, and this rarity is certainly part of its appeal.

Whether arts and culture is important to you, you’re raising a young family and want the nearness to prestigious schools, or you work downtown but don’t want to stomach the (let’s be honest, often astronomical prices of downtown Toronto), St. Clair Village Condos is something you should consider.

Alternatively, if you are an investor, the St. Clair Village Condos certainly has no end of appeal if you are looking at these units from a cash flow perspective.

Stage of Development

This pre-construction project is currently launched to the public, however the showroom is available by appointment only.

Looking for an In?

Are you interested in St. Clair Village Condos? I’d be happy to guide you through the process, provide you with more information, and help set up an appointment for you. Contact me for any more information.

Any other questions or thoughts? Have you ever been to St. Clair Village or have an experience with a neighbourhood focused on arts, culture and personal flair? Let me know in the comments below.

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